Extra-Curricular Activiteis

                                                                                                                               ECA In-charge Mr. Muhammad Rasheed   

The school provides facilities for a number of extra-curricular activities like drama, recitation, public speaking, extempore speeches, essay writing, presentations, story-telling, debates, quiz programs, Qirat, spelling (bee) competitions, painting, drawing and photography, math, science and computer projects, fun fair, national heroes’ days commemorations, etc. These activities are meant to develop communication abilities and perceptual skills apart from proper utilization of leisure periods. It also gives students an experience of fellowship and mutual understanding and cooperation which are essential to groom a well balanced personality.

Educational Trips

The school organizes various educational trips for the students to have experiences outside their daily activities. Educational trips bring learning to life by enhancing young peoples’ understanding of the environment, history and culture to improve their personal development.

Field Trips

The school has a policy to enhance the conceptual learning of the important lessons (if possible) for the students through field trips. Our students are commonly taken to Bahrain Museum, Bahrain Fort, Aali Pottery, Bahrain Science Museum, several industrial units and hospitals in Bahrain. These field trips motivate the students to further explore and improve the knowledge about the topic they are learning. It provides the students with practical knowledge of the topic they study in the class.

Leisure Trips

The school caters for the physical needs of the students and all efforts are made to meet them. Teachers and the administration team always finds places and for the children to cherish in the memories as they leave the school. Leisure trips provide a memory as well as a relief and refreshment out of the class situation. Leisure trips are in a way part of the teaching strategies.

The teachers find a place of interest to the students as well all safety measures are taken to ensure no unhappy incidents take place. It is well planned and organized to provide a relaxation away from the routine school life. Students are taken to visit the places with the teachers and the class fellows. This way a new experience is provided to the students to refresh and to learn a co-operative and sharing experience.