Pakistan Urdu School - Kingdom of Bahrain

Enter to learn, leave to serve

The Pakistan Urdu School was established in 1956 and is managed by its Board of Trustees. The medium of instruction is English for all classes.

In March 1956, the first Urdu School for the students of Indo-Pak origin was established in the Gulf. The school owes its existence to Mr. Ashraf S. Mohammadi, Mrs. Saleha Raheem, Mr. Haji Asghar Ali, Mr. Abdul Rasool Malik, Mr. Sayed Akber Ali, Dr. Mehitapwala and those in business and commercial community in Bahrain who provided monetary support in establishing the school.

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  • To develop students who will become lifelong learners, be able to solve problems and think critically and creatively.


  • Develop and environment that is skilled in managing relationships.
  • Respectful to self and others.
  • Kind, caring and compassionate.
  • Resilient and adoptable.

Our mission and PKUS is to educate and support students as they develop into lifelong learners by providing a nurturing environment where academic and personal excellence can be achieved.

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